Build Powerful Landing Pages in Joomla!

Impacto is a complete content package solution

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The Impacto Joomla! template is built on Joomlashack's Wright v3 Framework , making it fully responsive, ready to display your content on any device that can access the web!
Content Package
The Impacto template comes complete with custom-tailored sample content for quick setup. This allows you to instantly replicate the styles seen on this home page.
Impacto has been rebuilt from the ground up on a completely rebuilt and trimmed down framework, making it blazing fast.. and Search Engines love fast sites!
Bootstrap does not only mean you get a solid, responsive, grid based framework. It also means you have tons of amazing styles, icons, buttons and more at your disposal!

This is your Call to Action (CTA)

Impacto is as easy to set up as installing Joomla! Copy and paste the contents of the provided home page 'landing page' and you'll be ahead of the game. The rest is as simple as replacing the content with your own.

Beautiful Landing Pages

Impacto enables you to build stunning landing pages right inside Joomla using bold, rich typography.  With the built in functionality of Joomla you now have the ability to set up unlimited template 'styles' and assign them to your 'pages', allowing you to hide or show content as you see fit, and opening up the door to easy landing page setup.

16 Module Positions

Impacto is loaded with lots of module positions, allowing you to insert any content anywhere you want..above content, below content, left, right, you name it.  And Joomlashack's 'Flexi-Module' system allows you to publish up to 6 module positions in the horizontal positions, evenly spaced by default.

Four Color Packs

Impacto ships with four base color styles, along with well-commented CSS. Because Impacto is pure CSS (with one minor exception of the menu bg images for mobile view), you can edit every element of the template's colors all from the CSS files! This not only makes it super easy to customize the colors (no image editing required), it helps make the template blazing fast!